HDMI Products

HDMI-DVI Jumper Cable

HDMI (High-definition Digital Multimedia Interface) or DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cable jumper has been designed for connecting the HDTV displayer (Plasma or LCD TV) and other Video/Audio equipmenst such as digital DVD, DVB, Digital Receiver, Projector and other with HDMI/DVI ports. The jumper cables are HDCP Compliant.?

HDMI Repeater

The DVI / HDMI Repeater extends the length of any DVI / HDMI cable by regenerating the HDCP-compliant digital video signal before it output to the digital display or projector.?

HDMI Adapter

The HDMI Adapter achieves the connection between HDMI port and DVI port.

HDMI Distribution Amplifier

The HDMI Distribution Amplifier allows access to one HDMI devices to multiple HDMI display, such as LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, Projection TVs and Projector.?

HDMI Switch

The HDMI Switch allows up to more than one HDMI sources to share one or two digital displayers. It is easy to switching different video sources with remote control and/or with a push button in front.